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If, like us, you like the 50s, 60s ... If you are a lover of that time, in this corner you will find a whole range of products that will allow you to recall that aesthetic.

Our cosmetic products are designed with a very marked aesthetic, why not contribute to your personal image with consistency with those products? Be a Freak from head to toe with our range of Lifestyle products, some products that will accompany you in your daily life and that will be the envy of those who know you, we have shirts with exclusive designs, pins, mugs, hats, combs for when you take off your cap ...

Everything thought so that his image is that of an authentic Freak, a lover of a historical era where the design was daring, fresh and original.

A marked aesthetic for people with a marked character and with a very special taste, an aesthetic for authentic Freaks.

A tip on our Lifestyle products, hide them when you don't use them, it will be the envy of everyone you know and you will have to keep them safe. You always have the chance to recommend that they visit this section and build their own Freak’s image.

Enjoy it!

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