Hair Products

Hair Products

Freak’s Grooming offers you the best range of hair care products. Formulas made with products of 100% natural origin of the best quality, which will give your hair the desired appearance. The genuine formulas of our hair products will take care of your hair so that it looks shiny and strong, and its natural components provide nutrition and style to your hairstyle.

Ointments and hair waxes

If you do not know them yet, it is the right time to discover our ointments and waxes formulated with the best natural ingredients. We have created all our formulas based on natural ingredients that provide your hair with the necessary nutrients so that they enjoy a radiant appearance.

In most of the hairstyles that attract our attention, some type of product has been applied to add volume, retention or even texture to the finish.

It may seem very complex, however, the Freak’s Grooming ointments and waxes are designed precisely to facilitate that work.

The use of gels and jellies is very widespread, all of them made with chemical products that do nothing but spoil the hair. These products, in addition, are usually hard on the PH of the hair and therefore can become irritating to the scalp with frequent use. However, Freak's Grooming waxes and ointments do not alter the natural PH of the hair, on the contrary, thanks to its active ingredients, they provide it with those nutrients that, due to contamination and the action of external agents such as the sun, our hair needs to shine in its maximum splendor.

Freak’s Grooming ointments and waxes, based on their natural ingredients, will captivate you, as you will be able to see how easy it is to get the original hairstyle that you like so much.

Apply our ointment on slightly damp and clean hair. The essential oils it contains will nourish your hair naturally and help you, with the help of beeswax, to fix your hairstyle in a lasting way that can last throughout the day. To remove it, all you have to do is wash your hair and comb it again.

How to use Freak’s Grooming waxes and ointments.

Our ointments and waxes have a solid appearance, to use them it will be enough to obtain a small amount, apply it on the hand (use a small amount at the beginning, you can always add more) and rub to heat it until the product can be applied to the hair. Start applying it from the root of the hair and distribute it with your fingers along the hair, once it is evenly distributed you can proceed to styling to achieve the effect that you like.

Get multiple different hairstyles with a single pomade and you will notice how it leaves no one indifferent.

Freak’s Commitment

We are a company committed to our society, all our hair products have been designed to be used in an easy and simple way. To do this, all you have to do is choose the most suitable product for your needs, a couple of tips (which you can find in our Tips section) and you will wear your hair at its best without the need for help from a professional.

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