Shave Products

Shave Products

If there is a daily beauty ritual for millions of men, that is, without a doubt, shaving. Wearing a well-groomed face deserves some dedication and attention, which is why Freak’s Grooming has designed a range of shaving products that will help you maintain your image according to your tastes.

Our shaving products are thought from a classic shaving point of view. They help you prepare your skin for a close shave and will nourish your skin with the properties it requires to leave it soft and hydrated..

Freak’s Grooming shaving products such as our bar soap bar let you create the perfect lather for your shave. If you have to show off a wonderful beard, you can profile it with our transparent gel, ideal to see where the blade passes in an effective way and without having to check the closeness every so often. To finish, what better than to refresh the skin with our After Shave Lotion, a lotion that will also help you take care of your skin.

How to shave effectively?

Wearing a perfect beard is one of the most popular current trends. Over the last few years, the style, shape and size of the beards has been changing for different trends. Today, and after the passing of the ‘hipster’ trend, the trend seems to be to take care of the appearance of the beards as much as possible so that they look very well groomed and perfectly shaved.

But shaving is not just about beards, the concept of shaving or shaving also extends to other parts of the body and Freak’s Grooming shaving products are specially formulated for this. The best time to shave is usually after the shower, since the hair is softer, the pore more open and, therefore, the skin will be much less irritated.

By definition, the beard is unequivocally associated with the male sex, such is the importance of facial hair in men's lives that there is even an international beard day on the first Saturday in September. Almost all men feel good about their beards, and from a health point of view, it is estimated that beards block up to 95% of sunlight and, on the other hand, hide facial blemishes.

Children, with the arrival of puberty, children undergo many changes, including the formation of hair on different parts of the body and face. Shaving can be considered a cultural custom, there is no specific age for shaving, it all depends more than anything on how the boy feels once the time comes.

The Classic Shave

The way of doing a classic shave depends on each person. Leaving a long beard tends to favor men with a thinner face more, while rounder faces do better with less bushy beards. The current trend is to make a meticulous shave where the beard is short and with well-contoured contours.

For many men shaving becomes an annoying routine, inattentiveness and haste during shaving can even seriously damage the skin. Normally, because of the rush, men do not pay the necessary attention to this process and make mistakes during shaving that can take their toll on the skin, which is why our line of shaving products is designed so that the moment of shaving is pleasant. and bring that final touch you are looking for. Shaving is the classic king of men's grooming and it is a process that deserves some dedication to do it right and make it a pleasant beauty treatment.

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