Freak's Grooming Ambassador: Marcos Free Kustom Cycles


Here we introduce you to Marcos, ambassador of Freak’s Grooming, entrepreneur and enthusiast of kustom motorcycles and owner of Fukc his own brand.

We love Marcos's Lifestyle, his way of living life and the work done by him, a motorcycle builder as well as a mechanic and above all a great guy. But hey, we want you to get to know him yourself and that is why we wanted to prepare a short interview.



Hello Marcos, first of all, we would like you to make a small summary, although we have already commented something about you, who are you and what do you do with your life?


Well, I'm a very simple guy, a lover of two wheels since I can remember and who tries to live life the best he can! By this I do not mean from party to party, if not by luck, living from my passion that already makes me feel lucky, traveling as much as I can to get to know new places, cultures and people, which is another of my passions.

And that thanks to my profession has allowed me to do so, by being invited to different events around the world.


How many years have you been in the profession and why did you start in this world?


Well, I am going to do 16 years in this, which is not little, and everything arose by pure chance you could say.

It was very difficult for me to find here in the Spanish market a specific accessory for one of my motorcycles and seeing that outside our borders there was no problem getting it and that no one offered them, as I decided to solve it by opening an accessories store. Later and for almost the same reason, I opened the workshop, to be able to transform, customize and build motorcycles because here, few workshops gave the option of customizing your motorcycle.


What has been the project that you liked the most or did it take you the longest?


Although it sounds cliché, I enjoy them all.

It is true that with some more than others, but since I am passionate about what I do, I enjoy all of them. Among the ones that I have enjoyed the most, I would tell you that with my own projects, since in them I can capture all my knowledge, all my ideas and crazy things and invest all the possible hours even in the smallest detail, which is what with the project for a end customer, by A or by B, it is not possible to do the same ...

Were you always clear about your goals or have they grown as your career progressed?


My goal is always the same, to be able to live from my passion for as long as possible, without. setting myself more objective than that, the effort, hard work and the trust of the clients, have given me the possibility of having a worldwide recognition and respect without having been sought. And something very important for me has been meeting many good friends known from all over the world who share the same passion as me.


Do you take more care of yourself or your motorcycles?


I know you would like another answer, but I'm very sorry ...

Undoubtedly my bikes ... ? ?


Why did you start using Freak’s Grooming products?


Well, a collation of the previous question, because although I have had a long beard for a few years now, the truth is that I did not pay more attention to it than to wash it every day in my daily shower and although my wife gave me the murga telling me that I should do it It was seeing their line of products and their careful packaging and enchanting me, in addition, Nestor has been a friend for many years and he let me try them.

I made the decision to use their products daily because in addition to being fabulous, I always like to support entrepreneurial friends because I know what it takes to fight for your dreams.


What is your favorite product?


The moisturizer for when I shave my head and the beard oil, of course!


Do you think it is crazy to sell products like these in a motorcycle workshop like yours? Why?


Not at all, weirder things have


Returning to the topic of motorcycles ... What style is your favorite? What is your favorite thing to do?


As I have said before I like all kinds of motorcycles, luckily and over the years I have been able to acquire one of each style. But at the time of being able to work and be able to capture my passion, it would be in the sixties style choppers, in fact that is why most of my clients place their trust in me, for that quite defined style in my work.


What do you think about the restrictions we have in Spain to be able to circulate with transformed motorcycles?


In three words, A F*CKING SHIT!!


Do you think that we bikers take care of all of us or just some of us?


Well, the truth is that I have never noticed that, but I suppose there will be everything ... some that nothing and another in excess, but each one is free to do what he wants with his life and with his body, although we all like to go well.


Now comes the tricky one:

Although we love motorcycles, choppers, kustom, our products are natural, vegan, eco-responsible, etc ... so we love to take care of the planet within our possibilities, so we could make a mix between:

What do you think about the ecological responsibility of the company and on the other hand, what do you think about the future of combustion vehicles, and how do you see the world of kustom in the future with the changes to electric vehicles that are being made?


Well, about ecological responsibility, I honestly think it's Amazing! Because in my own life I try to be responsible with our planet as much as I can, as well as recycle everything possible in my daily life.


On the subject of combustion vehicles and electric vehicles, although my work depends on it, I am not a demonizer or an ominous with all this evolution, since I believe that it is precisely a matter of evolution and that precisely, our planet will appreciate it.


With this we believe that our followers will know a little more about you, but if you want to say something else, this is your moment:


Nothing more than to thank Nestor and Freak’s Grooming for the trust placed in me to be an ambassador for their products.


Thank you very much Marcos. Tell our readers that in his workshop you will not only find great motorcycles and excellent treatment, you will also find our products at your service.


You can visit the Free Kustom Cycles workshop at Can Pantiquet, 73 in Mollet del Vallés, in Barcelona and follow Marcos on his social networks @fkc_mooneyes_spain

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