Freak's Grooming History

I had always dreamt of traveling to the United States- a dream that finally became a reality. This is where it all began. During the trip, I had the opportunity to visit Groom Lake, also known as Area 51.

The views were spectacular. I walked for so long, I had no idea how much time passed. The scenery had me totally absorbed and there were so many mysteries emanating from the story of the land that I decided to investigate a little on my own.

At area 51

There was an old hangar at the bottom of the area, surely a protagonist from so many other stories, that really caught my attention. I looked all around. There didn’t seem to be anything preventing me from entering. So I decided to visit that old hangar at the Nellis Air Force Base.

I had no trouble whatsoever entering the hangar. Everything was in pretty bad shape, and I could clearly see the deteriorated result of abandonment. In one of the hangar departments, an endless number of things caught my eye, among them a filing cabinet that seemed to be waiting for me, so I went to the back, which had once been the office, and decided to open the filing cabinet and have a look inside, convinced I was only going to find a mountain of dust.

Nothing was further from the truth. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Inside that abandoned filing cabinet were several air force base files. I picked them up and began to read, convinced they only contained meaningless administrative information, but something caught my eye.

In one of the files, I found a series of documents that were especially interesting to me. It described in detail a series of formulas, concoctions and notes that referenced a barbershop at Groom Lake (click here if you want to know where this is). It did not seem that those old documents held any interest to anyone else, so I borrowed them. I returned to the abandoned residential area of the base and began to look into the strange documents I found.

Mr f. Groomin' Barbershop

EIn the residential area, I found the Francis Groomin’ barbershop totally destroyed, but the story began to come alive in my imagination and make sense.

I started breathing faster with each new discovery. I looked for a place to get comfortable and began to take a look at that mountain of papers I had found. In the documents, there were product formulas and detailed notes that talked about hair, skin, body care...even shoe care!

That man had a barbershop with a shoe cleaning service, and from what I could read from his documents, everything was related to the great physicists and chemists that worked in Area 51. In the documents, you could see that some people were not only barbershop customers, but also friends with whom he had apparently developed all of these formulas.

I was getting more emotional as time passed. My eyes could not believe what they were reading; however, something told me that what was in front of me was apparently a great discovery. Well, I found it interesting… very interesting.

When I set out on my trip, I had recently stopped working on my previous project- a project that I started with a group, but finally decided to abandon and sell my shares. And everything that I was discovering made me realize that this was a sign, perhaps divine, perhaps mundane. I had a sign in front of me, something that combined my desire to work, to start a new project, with something that I had knowledge of, natural cosmetics. (It’s cool, isn’t it?).

I took pictures of those papers and I put them back where I found them. Back at home, I re-read all of those documents that I found in that genuine abandoned hangar over and over again. I was overcome by emotions with every line, every phrase. Without delay, I called my team and my laboratory and we decided to make samples of those formulas that someone had designed in the 70’s. A barber, a team of physicists and chemists, and who knows who else appeared on those dusty notes. But, if there was something I was sure of, it was that I had to make samples of those products that had been conceived by renown people from that era in nothing more than the mysterious and abandoned Area 51.

All of this inspired what is today Freak’s Grooming, the brand created in honor of F. Groomin’, that humble barber from Groom Lake who decided to create a series of formulas with his friends and customers from the base for the entire family.

This is why Freak’s Grooming is a line of products not only for the entire family, but also to maintain optimum conditions from head to toe. What’s more, if that weren’t enough, we wanted to bring them up to date. We have not only kept the original formulas, we have also thought about the environment. Most of our bottles are glass, so that they can be recycled and to give those old formulas a classic touch. Imagine, since their formulas have remained the same, imagine how their product packages and images would appear today.

Surely Francis Groomin would be proud to see where his formulas have gone. This is our small homage to those individuals in the 70’s who already thought about care and beauty for the entire family.

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